We heard you say, "I need an invention marketing and licensing agent to help me earn money from my new product idea."

You’ve come to the right place!

Noted author and product licensing agent Harvey Reese

A Message From Harvey Reese

Dear Fellow Inventor:

If you've invented something that my Aunt Nellie would like to own, or a great do-it-yourself item that my Uncle Louie would love to have, or a great toy to make their six kids happy, we're ready to make you a GREAT offer!

We're not in the business of selling patents or worthless "research" reports. We're licensing agents, period. If you have a great product idea - we have the contacts to get you a great royalty deal. That's our business.

Best yet - we spend our own money to do it! If we succeed, we share in the royalties. If we fail, it's our loss. Either way, you owe us nothing! That's NOT a misprint. If we believe in your product idea, we take the full risk. Read on - you'll see that we mean EXACTLY what we say. There are no loopholes.

- Harvey Reese

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Some folks say we're crazy and that there has to be a catch. We're NOT crazy - and there is no catch. Harvey Reese has licensed more than 100 of his own ideas, and has now formed this company for the express purpose of helping other inventors. It's not a charity. We intend to make a lot of money for ourselves and for the inventors we represent. What's crazy about that?

There are LOTS of great ideas out there, and since we already have the staff, the offices, and the contacts, why not license other inventors' great ideas along with our own? The only mystery is why we didn't do this long ago.

It's a great deal for us - and as you'll see, it's an even greater one for you.

If we become your agent, we pay all costs whether we are successful or not. The only cost to you is the initial modest fee to cover our work evaluating your idea and presenting you with a written report of our impressions, suggestions, recommendations and estimations as to the idea's commercial value. Inventors agree - the report alone is well worth the cost - and if we like your idea and find a licensee for it we'll even refund that.

Harvey Reese does the evaluating personally. You receive our Product Evaluation Worksheets along with a personal letter. If we can't use the idea, Harvey will explain why and offer suggestions.

The requirements for a product's licensability are not the same as those affecting its marketability. To give our inventors a fully rounded view of his or her new product idea, our evaluation report now includes two separate Product Evaluation Worksheets; one adressing your product's viability in regards to licensing, the other in regard to self-marketing.

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However - if we CAN use your idea, we'll offer to become your agent and we'll start investing our own money in the project.

If your product has to be redesigned, our own designers will do it.

If a really good prototype is needed, we'll make it in our own shop.

We'll make professional presentation material including displays, packaging, photography, videos, or whatever else it takes to effectively pitch your idea.

We only work face-to-face with licensees, so we spend what's needed for airfares, hotels, entertainment, etc.

Speaking frankly, most ideas we see have either been done before or don't have enough financial potential to pique our interest. However, if you DO have a fresh and exciting product concept, we will happily offer our services as your agent - with the full expectations of bringing you a licensing deal that will put a grin on your face and add a spring to your step.

We share in the royalties if we're successful, and you pay us nothing if we're not. So what have you got to lose? Wouldn't it be awful if some day you found "your" idea in stores, making someone else rich?

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Harvey Reese Associates, Inc.

614 South 8th Street, PMB 305, Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA